I've decided to change the layout from the previous one to this - it looks much nicer and slickier right?

Anyways, here are some answers in case you need some.

1. This is not an online pet shop. I'm just trying to link up as many pet bloggers as I can - I love to read pet blogs and I enjoy reading them; hence I decided to compile an entire list from the entire cyberspace.

2. My reviews/comments are purely my own opinions - and I reserve my right of freedom of speech to say and comment anything - but I'm not so harsh to give negative comments ok. I'll just probably not feature your blog. (So, dont bite me ok!)

3. I guess I would be borrowing a lot of pictures from your blogs out there - please dont sue me; I'm just trying to promote your blog for you. If you dont like being featured or being in the list, do message me ok - I'll remove you immediately.

4. The thumbnails that you see at the top of the page are in 72x72 JPEG sized; if you do not like the thumbnail that I put for you, do let me know or send me one that you like.

5. Lastly, enjoy reading through the list and features of our beloved pet blogs!



This blog... said... @ April 29, 2009 at 1:01 AM

Very beautiful dog. BTW. Do you know of anyone who would love to adopt a dog? Please if you can, pass this site around? TQVM. http://www.dogsstories.blogspot.com

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