My name is Ally - and I'm a blogger. I blog from The Schnauzer Blog. Anyways, I share that blog with my sister Fatty and my mum, Stephy. Here, I've decided to start a new page - Pets With Blogs.

Why Pets with Blogs?

Because I love to read posts from other furkids and doggies and miaow cats and so on from all over the world. But I have a problem. I dont seem to remember their links. So, I started this page here to compile an entire list - perhaps I can make even more friends that way.

So, do let me know of your link either here in the comments or in my shoutbox! I like my shoutbox - its BIGGG!!! Tell me your name, your link and where you are from! I've got pet bloggers from a couple of countries now, but I want more. So, do let me know ok.




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